…but we will be.

“All of this has happened before and will happen again.” We are not okay. …but eventually we will be. The show always goes on – episode after episode season after season. The show always goes on because it’s never been about the story, it’s about the characters who happen to be both the protagonists and the […]

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We are not okay.

“Our community is in fucking crisis right now.” As I stood in the shower, alcoholic beverage in hand, trying to let the hot water calm me down, I read this text message from a friend and fellow jumper. Yeah, no shit, I thought. I’ve been realizing for a while that as a community we’re not […]

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Bearing Witness

“Oh shit!” It was the first thing I remember of the traumatic sequence of events that followed. Actually, that’s not true. The first thing I remember was having a discussion with my friend about how the human brain often “remembers” extreme or traumatic events incorrectly. The “Oh shit!” interrupted her mid-sentence. With that fresh in […]

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Of Love and Jumping

It’s the question every jumper is asked more than any other. Hell it’s the question we ask ourselves time and again. Why? Why do something so inherently dangerous? How can we know what the risks are and still participate? How can we get hurt and watch our friends die…and still barely give our decision a […]

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It’s not hard.

Sometimes I think we lose perspective in life on what hard truly is. Recently I was having what I thought was a bad week. Things just kept going wrong and to say I was discouraged would be an understatement. Someone close to me reminded me it could be worse – I could be a homeless […]

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“It’s your road, and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, but no one can walk it for you.” – Rumi Well I certainly had an interesting weekend BASE jumping. I’ve been contemplating the sport pretty hard the past few months and this weekend raised more questions than answers. I woke up before sunrise […]

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Burning Lotus

It was there when we arrived so for us it could have always been there. It wasn’t, obviously, but the point is it had history long before we came along. Our history together, our story, is just part of what it was. We’ll never know the rest, what came before we intervened, or who else […]

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