Happily (N)ever after?

Our story begins with the main character pouring out his thoughts over a computer. He can’t help but feel his words and ideas would somehow sound so much more sophisticated, maybe even romantic, if he was pecking away at a typewriter but he regrettably got rid of his decades ago. With an E-cig between his […]

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…but we will be.

“All of this has happened before and will happen again.” We are not okay. …but eventually we will be. The show always goes on – episode after episode season after season. The show always goes on because it’s never been about the story, it’s about the characters who happen to be both the protagonists and the […]

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We are not okay.

“Our community is in fucking crisis right now.” As I stood in the shower, alcoholic beverage in hand, trying to let the hot water calm me down, I read this text message from a friend and fellow jumper. Yeah, no shit, I thought. I’ve been realizing for a while that as a community we’re not […]

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