It’s not hard.

Sometimes I think we lose perspective in life on what hard truly is. Recently I was having what I thought was a bad week. Things just kept going wrong and to say I was discouraged would be an understatement. Someone close to me reminded me it could be worse – I could be a homeless Syrian refugee getting ready for an extremely difficult winter. It really got me thinking that all too often we think things are “hard” when they really aren’t. I often hear others complain about mundane things being hard and, to be honest, catch myself doing it as well. Maybe its time to get our perspective back and set the record straight.

Dieting and eating healthy isn’t hard, working out and being fit isn’t hard, making time to do what you enjoy isn’t hard. These things might be challenging and take some dedication but they aren’t hard. Being homeless is hard. Getting out of bed in the morning, going to your job, working all day isn’t hard. Fleeing religious or political persecution is hard. Dealing with difficult or disagreeable people isn’t hard. Fighting for your country, beating cancer, watching your friends and loved ones die…that’s hard.

Think about this next time you need the motivation to keep going. Pursuing your goals and dreams isn’t hard. You have people that love and support you – never take that for granted. Because missing someone so much that you physically ache…that’s hard.

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