Just Hang On.

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time on Traveling Rings. If you don’t know what these are they are a set of rings suspended in the air and the object is to swing from one to the next. I’ve been on them several times throughout my life but really fell in love with them […]

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Rock Bottom.

Rock Bottom.   A couple weeks ago I was working on the east coast. On my way back I turned off my phone when I boarded my first flight at 6am east coast time. We sat on the tarmac for almost two hours and then had a 3 hour flight. Because of the delay I […]

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The Dead Friend Checklist

The Dead Friend Checklist by Joe Nesbitt   So it happened: your friend is dead. So it goes. Maybe it’s your first time dealing with it or maybe it’s your tenth. Regardless, there are certain steps that now need to be taken. Fortunately for you, I’ve outlined some of those steps and the appropriate actions […]

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I Sold My Car

I sold my car. It wasn’t until I was cleaning it out that I realized how big a deal it was to me. I know I shouldn’t be upset. It’s silly. It’s an inanimate object. I have had many before this one, and will have many more after. The number one rule with cars is […]

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Happily (N)ever after?

Our story begins with the main character pouring out his thoughts over a computer. He can’t help but feel his words and ideas would somehow sound so much more sophisticated, maybe even romantic, if he was pecking away at a typewriter but he regrettably got rid of his decades ago. With an E-cig between his […]

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